Winnie the Pooh Classroom Overview

Pre-K 4

Ms. Isabel & Ms. Tatiana
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Ms. Sally

Sally Conlon
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Ms. Tatiana

Tatiana Campos Dellepere

WEEKLY THEME: Falland AutumnAREA OF STUDY: The letters Nn, Hn and the numbers 3 and 4.READING: Where the Wild Things are By Maurice SendakVISUAL AND MOTOR SKILLS: Learning to trace and use scissors.PHONICS: The sight and sounds of letters Nn and HnMATH/NUMBERS: introducing the numbers 3 and 4SCIENCE: Exploring the seasons starting with FallSOCIAL SKILLS: Raising our hand to ask a question, Learning how to use "please andthank you" when requesting items”ART: Autumn Tree Painting, Fall wreath, and coloring

Reminders!Fall begins on Sept 22. 2017

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