Winnie the Pooh Classroom Overview

Pre-K 4

Ms. Isabel & Ms. Tatiana
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Ms. Sally

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Ms. Tatiana

Tatiana Campos Dellepere

Key Biscayne Community Church Day School 03/19/18-03/22/18Winnie the Pooh class

WEEKLY THEME: Spring/ Seasons,AREA OF STUDY: The letter Ee and the number 9READING: “our Ee book” “our number 9 book”VISUAL AND MOTOR SKILLS: Painting/ watercoloringPHONICS: The sight and sound of our letter Ee “Fly guy Phonics”MATH/NUMBERS: Recognizing the numeric value and the quantity that correspondswith the number. Number 9 and ReviewingSCIENCE: Why it rains!SOCIAL SKILLS: Express emotions verballyART: Easter Eggs! Spring activities*********Reminders!!**********March 23 rd We don’t have class it is a teacher planning dayMarch 23 rd -april 2 nd . We resume April 3 rdOur class email is

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