Tigger Classroom Overview

Pre-K 2

Ms. Delfi, Ms. Margarita, & Ms. Missy
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Ms. Delfi

Delfina Saud



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Ms. Margarita

Margarita Garcia

Tigger Class Newsletter


Weekly Theme: Science week inventors and inventions.


Dates: February 5th – February 9th   


Reading: Introducing letters “D, S, C, & Q”


Visual Motor: Drawing, painting, coloring with crayons, dancing, singing, pasting, & puzzles.


Language: English/ Spanish vocabulary


Phonics: The consonant sound of the letters “D, S, C & Q”


Math/ Numbers: Reviewing numbers 1-10


Science: Experiments related to science.


Social Skills: Respecting the environment


Art: Coloring different inventions.



We invite you to mark your calendar on Tuestday, February 14th, Valentine’s day. The kids will be inviting their dads to come have a snack with them from 8:30-9:15 AM. They will be making a surprise for mom.  Please send in your valentine’s day Cards from your child with only their name on it (From: your child). Our Valentine’s day party & card exchange will take place on Friday, February 16TH. Please make sure you sign up with Jackie, our room mom to bring in something yummy for the children to share. The party will be for children Only. We are also very excited to invite all of you on March 17th for our “Parents Night Out” fundraiser at the Yacht Club.

Thank You,


Miss Delfi & Miss Lotty.

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