Scooby Doo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 5

Ms. Mary & Ms. Ana
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Ms. Mary

Mary Westerlind
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Ms. Ana

Ana Karina

Scooby Doo NewsletterSeptember 25-September 29, 2017THEME: FOOD, BODY & NUTRITION

Vocabulary: Learning body part names and their location.Visual Perception &Reading Readiness: Sorting foods into their appropriate food groups.Auditory Perception& Listening: Stories: Listening comprehension practice.“Gregory the Terrible Eater”; “Body Battles”; “MeI Am”; “My Body”; “Caring For My Body”; “FromHead to Toe”; “Your Body”; “Human Body”;“Mommies Don’t Get Sick”; “Parts” and “EvenMore Parts”; “Would You Spread A Turtle OnToast?”; “A Porcupine Named Fluffy”; “Thank YouFor Me!”; “The Berenstain Bears and Too MuchJunk Food”; Poem – “Noses”; song and movement-“Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes…” and“Body Part Simon Says”.

Visual Motor: Cutting out and reconstructing a skeleton;continuing to work on our coloring, cutting andgluing skills; rolling dice.

ExpressiveLanguage: Discussing healthy foods vs. junk foods and ways

in which to keep our bodies healthy.

Cognitive Skills: Body part recognition; verbally labeling some ofthe more advanced ones (abdomen, heel,forehead, ankle, earlobe, wrist, palm, etc.).Understanding the importance of our differentbody parts. Classification: edible vs. non-edibleitems. Beginning our color word recognition andsorting cookies by shapes.Phonics: The letter ”Mm” and it’s sound.Math andNumber Fun: Reviewing number 6 and it’s one-to-onecorrespondence. Continued practice with tenframes, number lines, tallying, one more/oneless, dot-to-dot, and introducing even and odd.Learning and using math vocabulary: tall, taller,tallest, big, bigger and biggest.

Art: Paint Stick Portrait; Inside and Outside My BodySocial Skills: Talking about and working on good hygiene


Reminders: **Monday, 10/2 – No School -Teacher Planning**Tuesday, 10/3 – Scooby/Explorers“Meet & Greet”- immediately following drop-off, in theChapel.**Please return October’s ‘Afterschool Activities’ sheet.**Please send in $6.00 for your child’s WeeklyReader/Scholastic Magazine if you have not done soalready.

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