Scooby Doo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 5

Ms. Mary & Ms. Ana
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Ms. Mary

Mary Westerlind
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Ms. Ana

Ana Karina

Scooby Doo NewsletterFebruary 5-February 9, 2018

THEME: Science Week,Inventors and InventionsVocabulary: hypothesis; prediction/predictVisual Perception &Reading Readiness: Weekly Reader; Continuing to associate wordswith the beginning letter sounds learned.Introducing sight words “yes” and “no”.Continuing to review sight words and usingthem together in written form to create and readsimple sentences.

Auditory Perception& Listening: Poems about Solid, Liquid and Gas andreviewing the differences between them;Learning about Ben Franklin, GeorgeWashington Carver, Thomas Edison andAlexander Graham Bell.

Visual Motor: Continuing to practice writing letters andnumbers using their correct form; Letter “C” and“Q” mazes; stamping sight words; continuingwith our cutting and gluing skills.

ExpressiveLanguage: “What is an inventor?” and “Why are thingsinvented?” Discussing items and objects that weuse daily and how life might be different withoutthem. Discussing “What are experiments andwhy are they important?”.

Cognitive Skills: Learning the difference between the concepts“Push vs. Pull” and the meaning of ‘evaporation’.Phonics: Continuing to review the letters “Ss”, “Cc” and“Qq” and the other letters/sounds learned.

Math andNumber Fun: Reviewing numbers 0-20 and their quantitativevalues; Continuing to work on the concept ofaddition, graphing and which numbers comebefore/after. Playing “What’s My Number?’.

Science: Leaning through experiments:

-Does water travel to the leaves of a plant?-Trying to grow a sweet potato plant and will ahead of lettuce or celery re-grow?-Learning about germs: Why is it important tokeep our hands clean?-Which objects are magnetic?-Experiments with water and various objects.

Art: Light Bulb HeadbandSocial Skills: Continuing to work on not talking when our

teachers are talking.

Reminders: 2/14-Donuts for Dads–8:30-9:30 a.m.-Valentine’s Day Card Exchange andParty—Please send your child’s cardsin by 2/12 with ONLY their name onthem.2/19-No School-Presidents’ Day**Please return “Afterschool Activities Sheets” immediatelyeach month.

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