Scooby Doo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 5

Ms. Mary & Ms. Ana
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Ms. Mary

Mary Westerlind
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Ms. Ana

Ana Karina

Scooby Doo NewsletterMay 7-May 11, 2018

THEME: Snakes, Lizards and AmphibiansReview/Evaluations/Graduation PracticeVocabulary: vertebrates, invertebrates, amphibians;cold-blooded and warm-blooded

Visual Perception &Reading Readiness: Continuing to associate words with thebeginning, middle and ending letter sounds.Reviewing sight words. Using and writing themin sentences.

Auditory Perception& Listening: Stories: “Lizards!”; “The Snake’s Mistake”;“Crocs Close Up”; “Flashy, Fantastic Rain ForestFrogs”; “Reptiles and Amphibians”; “What is aReptile?”; “Amazing Lizard”; “Red-Eyed TreeFrog”; “A Color of His Own”; “Some Smug Slug”.

ExpressiveLanguage: Verbally retelling the “Lifecycle of a Frog”.Cognitive Skills: Reviewing days of the week, months and


Phonics: The letter “Jj” and it’s sound. Continuing toreview letters learned and their sounds.

Math andNumber Fun: Continuing to reviewing numbers 0-20+ andtheir quantitative values. Continuing to workon the concept of addition, subtraction andtallying, >, < and =; ordinal number; numberlines and skip counting.

Science: Using a magnifying glass to observe snake and

lizard skins.

Reminders: We have Graduation practices in the

morning, please be on time.Fri., 5/24—Water Day & St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon** Please send your child to school in theirbathing suit with sunscreen already appliedand their uniform over it. They will alsoneed a labeled towel and underwear in abag that can hold wet items to come home.If they wear water shoes, please provideshoes and socks for them to change intolater. ONLY bicycles or scooters will bepermitted for the Trike-A-Thon andHELMETS are REQUIRED.5/14-5/25–Parent/Teacher ConferencesThere will be a sign-up sheet outside of ourclassroom or you can email me foravailable times.5/28—Memorial Day—No School5/30—Graduation & Party–Last Day


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