Scooby Doo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 5

Ms. Mary & Ms. Silvana
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Ms. Mary

Mary Westerlind
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Ms. Silvana

Silvana Silva

Scooby Doo Newsletter

May 15–May 25, 2017 (This will be the last Newsletter)

THEME: Outer Space, Review and Evaluations

Vocabulary: rotate, revolve, atmosphere, gravity and constellation

Visual Perception & Reading Readiness:Reviewing upper and lowercase letters and their sounds. Continuing to practice Alphabetical Order, beginning sounds and ending sounds.

Auditory Perception & Listening:Stories: ”Planets”; “There’s No Place Like Space!”; “Stargazers”; “What Is the World Made Of?”; “Can’t Sleep”; “My First Book About Space”; “Minnie and Moo Go to the Moon”, “Who’s in the Sky?”; “Regards to the Man in the Moon”; “I Love My Shadow!”; “Mousetronaut”; “Sidney, Stella, and the Moon”.

Visual Motor: Making “stars” with a toothbrush; using a push pin to punch holes in paper to create various “constellations”. Scrunching foil and making “Comet Balls”.

Expressive Language:Why is the Earth the best planet for us to live on? If you traveled into space, what would you bring?

Art: Comet Balls; Constellation Telescopes

Cognitive Skills: Understanding some basic concepts about our Solar System.

Phonics: Reviewing letters and their sounds.

Math and Number Fun: Continuing to practice our addition, subtraction; working on our skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Science:  Discussing where stars ‘go’ during the day. Demonstrating day and night.



***Ms. Ana and I would like to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness, kind words and generosity during ‘Teacher Appreciation Week’!!!!

***Daily Graduation practices are underway; please have your child to school on time.

***Parent/Teacher Conferences — May 17th-May 24th.

I will have a sign-up sheet outside of the classroom or you can email me to request a day and time.

***Thurs., 5/25—Graduation/Party and Last Day!

– Please mark your calendars.

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