Scooby Doo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 5

Ms. Mary & Ms. Ana
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Ms. Mary

Mary Westerlind
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Ms. Ana

Ana Karina

EXPLORER​ ​NEWSLETTERNovember 6 – November 10, 2017THEME:​ ​Transportation/​ ​Map​ ​Skills

Vocabulary: Transportation; sink; float.Visual​ ​Perception​ ​&Reading​ ​Readiness: Listening to and following directions to get theThree Bears to their destination. Classifyingvarious vehicles into categories: air, land, andwater. Searching for lowercase “Letters in aField.” Introducing sight words “the” and “is.”

Auditory​ ​Perception&​ ​Listening: Stories:​ ​“Curious George Goes Hiking”; “CuriousGeorge Takes a Trip”; “Katy and the Big Snow”;“The Way to Captain Yankee’s”; “Sam GoesTrucking”; “All Things That Go”; “Freight Train.”Visual​ ​Motor: Using Tangram shapes to create different types

of vehicles; work on drawing skills.

ExpressiveLanguage: Why are maps and charts helpful? Looking at and

discussing different types of maps.

Cognitive​ ​Skills: Introducing directions: North, South, East andWest. Learning to use a map key. Working onrecognizing common traffic signs. “TreasureHunt”–following a map of our playground.

Phonics: The letter “Tt” and it’s sound.Math​ ​andNumber​ ​Fun: Work on the number 11 and introducing thenumber 12 and their quantitative values. “HowMany Toys Do I Need to Clean Up?” – counting,coloring and recording 1-10. Visual recognitionand sequencing numbers – “Number Train.”Science: Let’s experiment with things that “sink” and

“float.” What do those words mean?

Art: Making Our Own Map.Social​ ​Skills: Working as a team to follow the map and locate a


Reminder: **Monday,​ ​11/6​ ​-​ ​Make-up student pictures.**Friday,​ ​11/10​ ​-​ ​Veterans Day No School.

-Please contact me through my e-mail with any

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Student must be signed out and picked up by 2:30.

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