Nemo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 3

Ms. Geral & Ms. Daniela
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Ms. Geral

Gerladine LaFaurie
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Ms. Daniela

Daniela Irigary
Weekly Theme: Culminating with Art Festival
Dates: January 15-19
Letter of the Week: Cc 
Visual Motor: Tracing coloring, painting, pasting, building 
Language: carrot, cake, car, cookies, cooking, computer, cow, camel, camera, caterpillar, cat, candy, corn, candle, coconut, colors, can, castle…
Phonics: Introducing the consonant sound of letter “C”
Math/Number: Reviewing numbers 1-10
Social Skills: Learning to use inside voices
Art: Working on our Art in the Park projects
Friday January 19th – No School (Teacher Plan Day)
Friday February 2nd “Art in the Park” from 11am-12pm
We will tour our child made art museum and then have a picnic lunch in our garden. Please bring a picnic lunch and blanket for you and your child to share in our garden. Dismissal after lunch.
Have a great week! 
Ms. Geral
Ms. Daniela
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