Nemo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 3

Ms. Geral & Ms. Daniela
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Ms. Geral

Gerladine LaFaurie
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Ms. Daniela

Daniela Irigary
Weekly Theme: Transportation 
Date: November 6-10
Letter of the Week: Tt
Reading: Books related with the theme
Visual Motor: Tracing, coloring, painting, pasting, building, stringing
Language: Talking about the different types of transportation 
Phonics: Introducing the consonant sound of letter “T”( train, turtle, turkey, team, triangle, today, tomorrow, ten, two, table, top, toys, teacher, television, telephone…)
Math/Number: Introducing Number “8”
Social Skills: Learning to walk in the hallway in a straight line
Art: train
Monday November 6th picture (make up day)
Wednesday November 8th Free Seminar “Behavior Therapy in Children” 
With Adriana Von Simson
Friday November 10th No School (Veterans Day)
Thanksgiving Feast Friday November 17th 
One parent of each child is invited to have lunch from 11-12 with their child for thanksgiving. Dismissal after lunch at 12. No after school activities 
Have a wonderful weekend!
Ms. Geral
Ms. Daniela
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