Nemo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 3

Ms. Geral & Ms. Daniela
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Ms. Geral

Gerladine LaFaurie
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Ms. Daniela

Daniela Irigary
Weekly Theme: Food, Body & Nutrition
Dates: September 25-29
Letter of the Week: “Mm”
Reading: Books related with the theme
Visual Motor: Tracing
Language: Talking about food, body and nutrition
Phonics: Introducing the consonant sound of letter “M” ( mom, mat, milk, moon, marker, monster, monkey, mouse..)
Math/Number: Introducing number 3
Social Skills: Use inside voices
Art: Watercolors, painting, do a dot markers
Thursday September 28th “Our Meet and Greet” at 9am
Monday October 2nd No School (Teacher Plan)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Ms. Geral
Ms. Daniela
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