Mickey Mouse Classroom Overview

Walking Toddler - 2 years

Ms. Gena & Ms. Margarita
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Ms. Gena

Maria Palacio
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Ms. Margarita


WEEKLY THEME: St. Jude Trike a Thon

AREA OF STUDY: Our Place in the World

DATES: May.16 – May.27 (2 weeks)

READING: review letters

LANGUAGE: English/Spanish vocabulary: Kangaroo (Kanguro), Kite (cometa)

PHONICS: review

MATH/NUMBER: Reviewing number 1-10

SOCIAL SKILLS: Sharing our heritage

REMINDERS: May 19th Thursday special water day. Please send your child to school in their bathing suit and bring water diaper, towel and change of UNIFORM CLOTHES, please label everything. The children will participate in the trike a thon on Friday May 20th.  We are sending home sponsor forms for donations to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital raising money for cancer research for Children. Please complete the form and send it with any donations from family or friends to help this cause. The kids will bring their trike or scooter, helmet and ride laps around the parking lot while learning about safety.

Miss. Geña and Miss Michelle

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