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Pre-K 5

Ms. Robin & Ms. Michelle
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Robin Eastwood
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Ms. Michelle

Michelle Alvarado

Explorer NewsletterMay 7-May 11, 2018

THEME:​ Snakes, Lizards and AmphibiansReview/Evaluations/Graduation PracticeVocabulary: vertebrates, amphibians, and cold-bloodedVisual Perception &Reading Readiness: Continuing to associate words with thebeginning and ending letter sounds learned.Reviewing sight words. Using and writing themin sentences.

Auditory Perception& Listening: Stories: ​“Lizards!”; “The Snake’s Mistake”;“Crocs Close Up”; “Flashy, Fantastic RainforestFrogs”; “Reptiles and Amphibians”; “What is aReptile?”; “Amazing Lizard”; “Red-Eyed TreeFrog”; “A Color of His Own”; “Some Smug Slug”.

ExpressiveLanguage: Verbally retelling the “Lifecycle of a Frog”.Cognitive Skills: Reviewing days of the week, months and


Phonics: The letter “Jj” and it’s sound. Continuing toreview letters learned and their sounds.

​Math andNumber Fun:​ Continuing to reviewing numbers 0-20+ andtheir quantitative values. Continuing to workon the concept of addition, subtraction andtallying, >, < and =; ordinal number; numberlines and skip counting.

Science: Using a magnifying glass to observe snake and

lizard skins.

Reminders: We have Graduation practices in the

morning, please be on time.Fri., 5/24—​Water Day & St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon** Please send your child to school in theirbathing suit with sunscreen already appliedand their uniform over it​. They will alsoneed a labeled towel and underwear in abag that can hold wet items to come home.If they wear water shoes, please provideshoes and socks for them to change intolater. ​ONLY bicycles or scooters will bepermitted for the Trike-A-Thon andHELMETS are REQUIRED.5/14-5/25–​Parent/Teacher ConferencesThere will be a sign-up sheet outside of ourclassroom or you can email me for availabletimes.5/28—Memorial Day—No School5/30—​Graduation & Party–Last

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