Explorers Classroom Overview

Pre-K 5

Ms. Fatima & Ms. Yolette
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Ms. Fatima

Fatima Chavez
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Ms. Yolette

Yolette Morales

March 6-March 17

THEME:       Pets, Animals and Habitats

Vocabulary: habitat; camouflage, endangered, extinction, nocturnal ,marsupial.

Visual Perception &Reading Readiness: Weekly Reader; Continuing to associate pictures with beginning letter and sounds.  Introducing the  “-et” word family. New sight words:  “big” ,“little”, “look”, “has” , “get” and continuing to practice our other sight words, please continue to reinforce at home.

Auditory Perception & Listening: Stories: “Animals in the wild”; “The Perfect Place for an Elf Owl”; “Why can’t I Fly?”; “Zoo” ; “Will We Miss Them?-Endangered Species” ; “Who’s That Scratching at My Door?” ; “Inside a Zoo in the City” ; “Owlbert”; “My New Boy”; “Eric Carle’s Animals, Animals”.

Visual Motor: Measuring; Tri-folding; tearing paper; drawing; cutting; painting; gluing.

Expressive Language: What does it mean to have a pet? Which responsibilities come with a pet?  Which animals would and would not make such good pets; Why?

Cognitive Skills: Classifying the different characteristics of animals: body coverings, movement, habitats; Differentiating different types of animal(s) and their habitats; Peoples Homes vs. Animals Homes”.

Phonics: Reviewing the letters “Zz”, “Vv”, “Ww”, “Kk”, “Zz”, “Cc”, “Qq” and their phonetic sound.

Math and Number Fun:  Introducing subtraction, Dot –to- Dot 1-20; Continuing to practice, addition tallying, graphing , before and after, greater and less than ,practicing with an animal theme. “Which Animal Would Make the Best Pet?”- class activity.

Art :    Theme related art project.

Social Skills:   caring for animals, they depend on us.


    Friday, March 24th – Teacher work day –No School

Friday, March 31st  – Hollywood Night ,Dinner, Dancing & our silent Auction; please see Maria for more information and  to purchase your tickets! We are looking forward to see you all at this amazing event.        


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