Explorers Classroom Overview

Pre-K 5

Ms. Robin & Ms. Michelle
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Robin Eastwood
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Ms. Michelle

Michelle Alvarado

Scooby Doo NewsletterApril 23-April 27, 2018THEME: Ocean/EvaluationsVocabulary Review: island, peninsula and symmetricalVisual Perception &Reading Readiness: Weekly Reader; Dot-To-Dot A-Z; Continuingpractice with Alphabetical Order; alphabetizingsome of our sight words; Continued practicewith our word families. I will be sending homethe remaining sight words that we areintroducing: “on”, “off”, “our”, “where”, “take”,“will”, “may”, “day”, “up” and “down”.Continuing to work on writing simplesentences using our sight words.

Auditory Perception& Listening: Stories: “Going on a Whale Watch”; “A Whaleof a Tale”; “Ibis”; “Humphrey the Lost Whale”;“Curious About Fishes”; “The Sea MammalAlphabet Book”; “Sea Turtles”; “Dolphins onthe Sand”; “The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-BigDark”; “In the Sea”; “Octopus Under the Sea”;“Dolphins!”; “I’m the Biggest Thing in theOcean”; “My Little Book of Ocean Life”.

Visual Motor: Drawing and coloring own sea creatures; water

coloring and sprinkling salt

ExpressiveLanguage: What types of things can you find in the ocean?

Explorer Newsletter

introducing: “on”, “off”, “up”, and“down”. Continuing to work on writingsimple sentences using our sight words.

Cognitive Skills: Discussing the concept of ‘under vs. over’.Phonics: Practicing the long and short sounds of thevowels ‘”Oo” and reviewing the other vowelsounds.

Math andNumber Fun: Continuing addition and subtraction usingocean counters; Seahorse Parade—ordinalmath and listening skills; Dot-to-Dot 1-20.“Shopping Fun”- working on adding andsubtracting with coin values.

Science: Exploring shells and coral using a magnifying


Art: Underwater Ocean Scene-Free Art and Owl ArtSocial Skills: Reviewing why it is important to take care of

our oceans.

Reminders: *Fri., 5/4–Parent’s Picnic from

11:00-12:00 with early dismissal at noon.**Please bring a picnic lunch to share withyour child and something to sit on.

*Fri., 5/24—Water Day & St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon—ONLY bicycles or scooters will be

permitted and helmets are required.Mon., 5/28—No School—Memorial DayThurs., 5/30—Graduation/Party/Last Day

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