Elmo Classroom Overview

Pre-K 2/3

Ms. Mariana & Ms. Marina
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Ms. Mariana

Mariana Merlin
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Ms. Marina

Marina Moreno


WEEKLY THEME: Fall and AutumnAREA OF STUDY: The letters Nn, Hh, Aa / The numbers 0, 1 and 2.READING: “Elmo’s seasons”VISUAL AND MOTOR SKILLS: TracingPHONICS: The sounds of the letters of the alphabet.MATH/NUMBERS: Introducing the numbers 0,1 and 2.SCIENCE: Getting to know the seasons beginning with the current: Fall.SOCIAL SKILLS: Learning how we use manners in school, using please and thank you with ourteachers and friends. Also when sitting pushing the chair back and leaving the room looking nice again.ART: “Letters and paint” using paint to later reveal the letters of the week.

Reminders!We will have regular activities and hours on 09/21/17 instead of teacher planning day due to the daysoff for the Hurricane.

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